Therapy Services


Offerings of weekly or intensive therapy, coupled with coaching, provide space for tackling challenges and moving forward.

Weekly Therapy

If you’re looking to better manage those niggling thoughts or emotions that occasionally get in the way and make life uncomfortable, then weekly therapy might be right for you.  Our weekly meetings will focus on clarifying what’s getting in the way and problem-solving to develop your meaningful life.

Intensive Therapy

If your functioning is currently substantially limited, intensive therapy might be the best option for you. We will meet several times per week and maintain a laser-like focus on managing the behaviors that are keeping you from getting back to your life. We’ll begin with the challenges that are the most debilitating and track progress regularly. If you’re comfortable, we’ll have occasional family meetings to help loved ones understand your effort and better support you. Our work together will often involve learning how to manage relationships and give you the chance to get to know (and trust) yourself. Regular review of progress will help us to see what we’ve conquered and which steps to take going forward to maintain progress and keep you moving toward your goals.

DBT Skills Group

Adult and Multifamily (teens and parents) DBT Skills Groups are offered. Four modules, each focusing on a particular set of skills, help people who have difficulty managing overwhelming emotions. Distress Tolerance skills help people learn to manage overwhelming emotions that might lead to dangerous or damaging behaviors such as cutting, substance abuse, violence, or suicidality. Participants in the Emotion Regulation module will learn to better identify those scary emotional waves, manage the thoughts our minds “cook up,” and problem-solve various “sticky” situations. Interpersonal Effectiveness skills help people to improve their communication with others. Participants learn to get what they want, ask for what they need, and decline unwanted requests in a way that that is both empowering and respectful of others. Finally, Mindfulness is taught in two-week increments at the beginning of each of the above modules. The key to mastering the other skills, Mindfulness provides a foundation for people to better notice themselves and the world around them giving them the space they need to make choices about their lives instead of reacting.

In the Multifamily DBT Skills Group, parents and teens learn skills together. Included are additional family skills that help parents and teens to navigate communication with one another about common challenges (e.g., curfews, friends, homework, electronics).

On occasion, a graduate group is offered for people who have successfully completed one year of skills training and would like to continue with more advanced skills work that focuses on developing fluidity in specific daily situations such as relationships with colleagues or loved ones.


All services include real-time phone or text coaching to help you practice managing effectively during your daily life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or can’t recall which technique to use, a 10-minute call or text will allow us to briefly problem solve. Coaching supercharges your regular sessions and shortens treatment time.

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